Spring of the river Sava is on the Northern part (Alps) of Slovenia and together with all tributaries of smaller rivers creates the biggest and longest water flow in our country. Its journey continues to Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Serbia where creates the biggest inflow to the Donau in Belgrade. Sava has always been important commercial and touristic path. In the past they were using it for transportation of the materials (e.g. wood), generator of river-mills and source of power for electricity production.

Our family is one of the oldest families in the Tacen/Brod district. Our great-grandfather, a well-known landowner, Ignacij Česenj built the electric power plant in 1910 right next door to his home that was one of the main suppliers of electricity for the city of Ljubljana and reshaped the local landscape around the river Sava. Sometime after the WWII, in the 60′ a local Kayak-Canoe club started to organize school and competitions on the wild waters of river Sava. The legacy of Kayak – Canoe sport in this place is very rich so even these days there are organized different competitions on river Sava. Every year is also taking place an international race of World Cup competition which represents one of the toughest race-tracks on the world. Whole infrastructure is still in use and can be seen as a part of track (water barriers at the dam, water channel which is used as training run – leads to powerplant, artificial island where are now positioned tribunes for spectators, etc.).