Our family is one of the oldest families in the Tacen/Brod district. Our great-grandfather, a well-known landowner, Ignacij Česenj built the electric power plant in 1910 right next door to his home that was one of the main suppliers of electricity for the city of Ljubljana and reshaped the local landscape around the river Sava. Sometime after the WWII, in the 60′ a local kayak-canoe club started to organize kayak-canoe school and competitions on the wild waters of river Sava. The whole infrastructure is still in use and can be seen as a part of track (water barriers at the dam, water channel which is used as training run – leads to powerplant, artificial island where are now positioned tribunes for spectators, etc.).

Pearl of Sava Wild Waters tries to continue the legacy of the family Česenj/Čeh. As the residents of the beautiful surroundings of Brod and Tacen, we try to open the doors and share our green paysage, full of water resources to the people of the world, who want to discover a piece of the puzzle of Slovenia. At Tacen resorts we welcome people that want to have an active stay or just have a relieved chill by the river.

Surrounding is very peaceful, full of green nature. It is just hard to imagine how our place “Pearl of Sava Wild Waters” offers the best from both sides City vs. Rural environment. On one side you have all aminities of urban infrastructure e.g. middle size general store, ATM, pharmacy, post-office, bus station in radius of 150m while on the other side you are on the edge of beautiful nature surrounded with fields and trees, where you can hike, go jogging, ridding your bicycle, try in kayaking, play tennis or even Golf on real green.

Our geographical position is just superb as a reference point to discover the rest of beautiful Slovenia. We are placed almost in the center of our country, so there is 25km to closest ski area Krvavec na Gorenjskem, next ski area Kranjska Gora is 78km (1 hour of drive) away, while sea-side places like Piran or Portorož are 100km to the south (1 hour of driving as well).

Pearl of Sava Wild Waters is offering high-class accommodation in completely wooden houses (35 sqm), fully equipped, with special attention to pleasant feeling of the guests. You can enjoy at meals on comfortable patio with superb river view. Peaceful and safe surrounding is perfect for recharging your energy, so you will be ready for next day adventures. There is also available open fireplace which provides additional positive atmosphere observing fire-flames or you can even prepare a grill food by your-self. Parking space is always available on a property.